Huggy's Events For This Calender Year

Huggy's Events Calender For This Year

Huggys Old Timers Bike And Car Meets:

April 1st,  May 6th,  June 3rd (Trophies for cars),

July 1st (Trophies for bikes),  August 5th,  September 2nd,

Vincent HRD Owners Club Bike Meet:

21st May

Even though its a day for Vincents everyone is welcome on Classic Cars and Bikes.

Huggys Auto Jumble in Co Operation with Mallory Park Race Circuit:

April 29th,  June 10th,   July 15th/16th (Mallory Park Bike Bonanza),  September 16th.

Huggys Speedshop Off road show and Auto Jumble in Co operation with Mallory Park Race circuit 

Aug 19th

To book stands and find out more please ring the shop on 01827712906 or Email us at